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As a real estate salesperson, your agency is of fundamental importance for your overall career development. Another significant decision you would need to make is regarding the division you are to join. There are numerous divisions within a single agency, so how should you go about selecting one?

Different agents may have varying considerations and priorities. However, there are some factors that you might want to keep in mind, while making your decision.

For one, the extent to which the division provides their members support is pivotal in the growth of the agents. Does the division offer one-to-one training sessions for members? Are there training resources that you can tap on?

The culture of the division is also a critical consideration. Is knowledge sharing embedded in the division’s culture? Is learning foregrounded in the division’s approach? With a division that centres the growth of the individual agent, you can expect to hone your skills, such that you would be able to provide your clients greater assistance in their property investment journeys.

Last but not least, the organisational structure of the division would also be key to your career as a real estate salesperson. Would it allow you to work towards your sales targets, be it in the capacity of a top producer or a part-time agent?

Deciding on your division is no less important than deciding on your agency. Get in touch with Chee Seng at 81617124, for an in-depth discussion.

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