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With our family here in Dynamic Force Group, resilience is a key practice that we uphold in our community. We provide timely and all-round-the-clock support to all of our agents on the right skills, tools, and mindset. Even in times of crisis, we are even more tight-knit and stronger together as a Dynamic Force Group where support is offered in terms of consistent mentorship and training. 

Join as a member, progress as a team! What are you waiting for? Be a part of Dynamic Force Group today!

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Whether you’re a brand new Real Estate Salesperson (RES) looking to make a name in the industry, or a seasoned industry veteran looking for a career breakthrough, Dynamic Force Group might just be the team you’ve been looking for. 


With over 500 agents from diverse backgrounds, and a strong core team of leaders and mentors, Dynamic Force Group focuses on equipping you with the right skills, tools, and mindset necessary to succeed in the real estate industry. Discover how our agents achieved a 6-figure income through consistent mentorship and training, and achieve your career breakthrough today!


Dynamic Sales Acceleration (DSA) PROGRAM

Dynamic Force Group conducts their Signature Training Program every month. The trainings consists the following Modules:

M1: Dynamic Wealth Creation

M2: Dynamic Internet Marketing

M3: Dynamic Facebook Marketing

M4: Dynamic Impact Marketing

Each module is a 2-3 full day program with follow up hands on session.

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Project Showflat Tours

Dynamic Force Group regularly organizes Project Showflat Tours, to familiarize our agents with the latest new launches.

At each project showflat, a leader specialized in the project will take charge to introduce the development model and showrooms, explain in detail, the Unique Selling Points (USP) of the development, and why clients should buy the development. With the information gained, agents can be more prepared and ready to share with their clients the benefits of buying new launch projects.



As a seasoned industry veteran, Chee Seng has developed a tried and tested, proven strategy to become a top achiever in the industry. His strategies have enabled him and his team to consistently outperform and produce the best results, with many of his team earning accolades of their own.

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Every action you make today is what creates your future self. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, but are doubting your ability to achieve it, join Chee Seng and Dynamic Force Group today, and discover the secrets to career success and personal growth.

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Josephine Lim

Branch Division Director

I will always remember how my mentor Chee Seng was there for me in my real estate career. He has guided and coached me to be an achiever as well as given me the confidence to share Wealth Creations with my clients & partners which helps me in bringing my business great results!

Also, his humble and generous nature extends to his leadership ability, which he constantly ensures that we are adapted to the market changes. Chee Seng takes a genuine interest in what matters to us - our personal and professional goals, and he constantly strives to help us achieve them without imposing his way of doing things.

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Vivian Yeow

Marketing Director

I'm fortunate to meet a committed mentor - Chee Seng. He is available 24/7 to solve all the questions and doubts that I have. Under his mentorship, I have achieved the TOP 10 Division award within the first month of joining his team. 

All in all, Chee Seng has been a superb mentor and a competent leader. He is very positive and energetic, and always drives the team to realise our fullest potential. Thanks Chee Seng!


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Ken & Nick


Before joining Chee Seng in ERA on 1st July 2020, we are still a resale agent, struggling to clock more than $100K individually in 2019. After joining Chee Seng, with the Asset Progression 9 financial techniques and 3 options closing, we are :

Jan 2021: Star Achievers ($10,000 above commission)

Feb 2021: ERA Million Dollar Club Achievers

Jul 2021: Superstar Achievers ($50,000 above commission)

Aug 2021: Superstar Achievers ($50,000 above commission)

Oct 2021: Star Achievers ($10,000 above commission)

Jul-Dec 2021: Clocked $120,000 individually

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Paco Zheng

Senior Marketing Director

I got my breakthrough in this year I'm ranked No.3 of the company in January. I would like to take this chance to thank my "realtor pedia" Chee Seng. When I come across challenges in my deal, he always gives me good and practical advice which helps me a step further in my real estate career.


Ever since I came under his wing, his mentorship had undoubtedly helped me to identify the gaps and improved my way of dealing in the real estate business which have now seen with a stable growth. I am extremely thankful for him as he has taught me alot, and he was the one who pulled me up during my career stagnation when I thought of giving up.

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Richard Lee

Branch Division Director

I started my real estate journey with rental clientele. As I shift towards converting some of their client to sale and upgrade their needs, my mentor, Neo Chee Seng play a significant part in this journey.


He never fails to answer my queries regarding anything related to asset progression. With my mentor support, I have achieved more than $100,000 in 2020 and TOP 20 for 2 years in my division.

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Branch Division Director

I would like to take this chance to thank Chee Seng for encouraging agents to believe in their ability. I really appreciate his effort and time that he consumes to us, pushing us to believe in ourselves to unleash our hidden potentials. 

He is always available at any time to clear my doubts. And I learned from Neo on how to serve our clients effectively and professionally.

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