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Upcoming New Launch: North Gaia

Located on the fringe of Yishun, North Gaia is a project that you might want to look out for. The residence is the latest executive condominium (EC) in the area, to be put up on the list of Government Land Sales (GLS) sites since 2014.

How would an executive condominium measure up against a condominium? Dubbed a “sandwich flat”, the property type is a public-private housing hybrid which would be considered a public property for the first 10 years, and a private one thereafter. Residents of North Gaia can thus look forward to enjoying facilities such as a swimming pool, which are comparable to those found in a condominium. The entry price for the executive condominium would also likely be more attractive than that of condominiums.

Connectivity is also a key highlight North Gaia offers. The residence is in close proximity to North View Primary School, Chongfu School and Xishan Primary School. With Junction Nine and Northpoint City in the vicinity, residents can easily fulfill their shopping needs.

Business hubs such as Seletar Aerospace Park would also render North Gaia a noteworthy investment, particularly in terms of rental yield. Interested in finding out more about whether the property would be aligned with your needs and goals? Contact Chee Seng at 81617124 today.

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