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Starting afresh in a different environment could be a daunting notion for many, but it was precisely what the 90 members of the newly established Dynamic Force Group had needed, to turn the page in their real estate career.

Led by Edmund Ee, Nick Poh, Neo Chee Seng, and Simon Lum, Dynamic Force Group places an emphasis on knowledge sharing. Besides imparting technical skills, they also guide individual members through their extensive mentoring sessions. With the support of ERA Realty Network, in terms of branding, training, opportunities, and project management, the new team was able to defy expectations, in surmounting the various challenges.

Dynamic Force Group’s team sales doubled in their second year, as compared to that when they were first established in 2019. For many members, 2020 was also a year of personal breakthroughs. With their commitment to their vision of helping agents tap into their innate potential, it was not a surprise that Dynamic Force Group’s efforts would come to fruition.

From racking up less than $100,000 in a year of individual sales, to becoming a millionaire producer within the first nine months of 2021, Dynamic Force Group’s first millionaire achiever is a testament to how success stories are not myths. They may be set for another record-breaking year, but the 500-strong team is not resting on their laurels. Dynamic Force Group is looking to not only increase their team sales by three times, but also have 1000 members on board, by the end of the next three years.

More than just figures, their targets represent how Dynamic Force Group aims to transform ordinary agents into extraordinary agents. At the heart of the team is the belief that each member has their own strengths. It is through the collective effort of every member, manager, and leader, that Dynamic Force Group is able to attain their current success.

Wish to join a vibrant team that is continually growing? Find out more about Dynamic Force Group at

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